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Once you receive your code, enter it at You will need to add the names of all your players and their email address.

Login to the Admin area after you've logged in with your code (bottom of the page, left hand corner). Use the Admin section for the following:

  • Change system settings
  • Add Players (split them into 2 teams for a practice/scrimmage, or keep them all on one list by setting the Team for each player to "Home")
  • Edit or Delete Players
  • Certain players can be auto-logged in by the system
  • Remove Players from today's Playing list (in case they have to cancel, etc)
  • Spares player settings (you may not require this)
    - decide when spares can login, giving regular players the first opportunity to login
    - allow Newcomers to Login themselves or not at all
  • Max Players setting (system will lock others from logging in to today's game when max is reached)
  • Game Day alteration (for Time and Date of next game, automatically set at midnight to X number of days in the future)
  • Schedule (enter your schedule, system empties login list after each game, resetting Game Day to the next date on schedule)
  • Reset the List manually (delete those on the login list)
  • Configure the system to reset the date to a certain number of days in the future (automatically at 23:59:59 of Game Day)
  • Announcements
  • Take system offline at the end of the season
If you have any questions, send an email to Game Login Support. You will be informed when your trial period has expired.